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Tatu Gatere

Building better together: Lessons from Nairobi, Kenya

Michaelmas 2021-2022

Tuesday, 19 October 2021


This talk will share lessons in promoting social justice, equality and gender inclusivity from Buildher, an innovative social enterprise that is changing the face of the construction and manufacturing industry by preparing some of the most vulnerable women in Kenya’s rapidly growing capital for employment and career growth, then linking them directly to employment opportunities with leading sector companies. A significant driver of the program’s success is keeping inclusivity, impact and innovation central to Buildher's approach. We learn, design and build our programs incorporating the perspectives and contributions of our community members, women artisans, funders, employer partners and industry players.


Tatu Gatere is an entrepreneur, an architect and a built environment enthusiast. She is the Co-Founder & CEO of Buildher, an organization that disrupts the male dominated construction industry in Kenya and equips disadvantaged young women with accredited construction skills, leading to greater financial prosperity, changing male attitudes and promoting gender equality within the construction industry.With over 15 years’ experience in the built environment sector, Tatu has focused her career on exploring the intersection of culture and the built environment both locally and internationally, in a variety of socio-economic and cultural contexts linking her Architectural background to participatory design; community engagement & investment; built environment education; and place making to facilitate physical, social and economic development.

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