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Heritage Not Inherited

Sophia Malik

Karachi, Pakistan


MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design


Colonialism, Climate

The historic buildings of Karachi are in disrepair. Though they are listed, they are not protected effectively. Destined for one of two fates; they either suffer demolition or fall into ruin. The current situation presents an opportunity to catalyse a shift in building culture by promoting a sustainable use of heritage.

To unlock the embedded value, protection is reimagined through a user-centered lens. By examining indigenous low-carbon techniques as a means of promoting the use of these structures, the divide between between sustainable reuse principles, and the protection of existing structures in the face of climate change can be bridged.

This project advocates for the utilisation of listed heritage buildings through material use of bamboo, earth and lime, and strives to contribute to the often-overlooked notion that architecture can be reformative and can help facilitate a positive shift in values.

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